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  •   “The entire process of license renewal has easy. Thank you so much for your service. Renona”  Renona R Wesley, El Cerrito, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “Easy to read and simple website to maneuver”  Luis P, Bakersfield, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “The practice quizzes were exceptionally helpful for this part of the course - they were quite useful as additional learning tools. BRAVO!”  Ron A, Benicia, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “Great study material - just have to read it.”  David Evans Bauman, Laguna Hills, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “Practice quizes were very helpful!”  Ron A, Benicia, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “Very good . very polite staff and easy to order”  Evelia Perez, Porterville, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “Very good, thanks to Irene who helped me understand pulling the book up on line”  Charlene Marie Byrd, San Diego, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “The book is very informative and easy to read. I will definitely keep it in my office as a concise reference!”  Amanda D, Oxnard, CA – Aug 17, 2014
  •   “Great study material! Makes it very easy and basic to understand!”  Hugo Rios, Oceanside, CA – Aug 15, 2014
  •   “The exam is good and the data available in the book for review. ”  Manveen Kaur, Encino, CA – Aug 14, 2014
  •   “The staff was extremely helpful in answering my questions. They provided me with everything that I needed. ”  Kathy Lynn E, Edmond, OK – Aug 14, 2014
  •   “The material is very concise and "user-friendly". The quiz feature is also very helpful.”  Ron A, Benicia, CA – Aug 13, 2014
  •   “Thank you! Course completed!!”  Timothy Paul Fahey, Penn Valley, CA – Aug 12, 2014
  •   “Yes, the Relstone course is exellent”  Jose I Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA – Aug 11, 2014
  •   “Excellent service and the material is very clear”  Feradoon Freddy Irani, San Diego, CA – Aug 11, 2014
  •   “Instructions were easy to follow and information was appropriate.”  Kathy Lynn E, Edmond, OK – Aug 11, 2014
  •   “Thank you for all your help.”  Sonia Torres, Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Aug 10, 2014
  •   “It was very helpful and I will encourage anyone to take any and all the courses through this firm ”  Michael Panissidi, San Diego, CA – Aug 10, 2014
  •   “On line course is amazing all materials explain the concepts clearly, top of the line program, thanks”  Rodolfo C, Chula Vista, CA – Aug 9, 2014
  •   “This course is very user friendly, and the material is well written and easy to learn from. I will be back next time. Really good CE provider.”  Betty Jean P, Sparks, NV – Aug 7, 2014
  •   “Good review of Ethics”  Chris C, Porterville, CA – Aug 6, 2014
  •   “Better than other schools the language is simple and quick to learn. thanks Real Estate License Services”  Rodolfo C, Chula Vista, CA – Aug 6, 2014
  •   “Finally, some good information about business sales.”  Karl Harz, La Quinta, CA – Aug 6, 2014
  •   “awesome word guys!!!”  Eunice Regina Herring, Bakersfield, CA – Aug 5, 2014
  •   “Yes, the Relstone course is excellent.”  Jose I Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA – Aug 4, 2014
  •   “Yes yes yes I finished with flying colors thanks to the help of Relstone exams thank you”  Darrell C Whigham, Las Vegas, NV – Aug 4, 2014
  •   “Got me up to date on the tough issues... Thank you!”  David Donnelly Zeman, Escondido, CA – Aug 4, 2014
  •   “I am very excited, Thank you I will referral Relstone to friends and family”  Armando C, Bloomington, CA – Aug 4, 2014
  •   “Maria and especially Irene were great!!”  Charlene Marie Byrd, San Diego, CA – Aug 4, 2014
  •   “Thank you for providing me the tools to be successful in this course.”  Michael Freddick Brown, San Diego, CA – Aug 3, 2014
  •   “Great!! You Guys Make it so easy to Study and pass.”  Eunice Regina Herring, Bakersfield, CA – Aug 2, 2014
  •   “excellent exam...matched the training material very closely”  Leslie Stirewalt, Elk Grove, CA – Aug 1, 2014
  •   “Your reading material is always up to date and easy to study. Makes me less nervous and more confident for my final exams. Thank you.”  Rosa Isela B, Paramount, CA – Aug 1, 2014
  •   “Extremely easy to follow very informational!”  Michelle R Lewis, Lancaster, CA – Jul 31, 2014
  •   “THANKS, DO IT NEXT TIME!”  Paul Wanping Chang, El Monte, CA – Jul 30, 2014
  •   “I am very pleased with the course”  Richard Hormozi, Murrieta, CA – Jul 30, 2014
  •   “I like the course format. Easy to follow along, written well, and type-set so the key points stand out. Great Course!”  Betty Jean Perez, Sparks, NV – Jul 29, 2014
  •   “I like the course layout and quizzes which give a basic idea of what general format of questions may be asked on exams. I like the ability to download the course and read at my leisure.”  Betty Jean P, Sparks, NV – Jul 29, 2014
  •   “Accurate info for studying for exam on this topic.”  Scott John Guarrera, Long Beach, CA – Jul 29, 2014
  •   “Very easy to navigate and test questions follow the course work.”  Leslie Stirewalt, Elk Grove, CA – Jul 29, 2014
  •   “Course material is well written and efficient. The process of taking the exam is simple and straight forward.”  Ashkan K, Los Angeles, CA – Jul 28, 2014
  •   “Magnific training materials, big bold letters easy to read clear language ”  Margarita B, Chula Vista, CA – Jul 28, 2014
  •   “The Relstone course is excellent. Thank you.”  Jose I Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA – Jul 28, 2014
  •   “Love it, easy to use and very convenient”  Adriana Whitney, Torrance, CA – Jul 25, 2014
  •   “Excellent review material to prepare me for the Final Exam.”  Calvin Lee M, Newport Beach, CA – Jul 25, 2014
  •   “I found that the content from the book materials really assisted me in being able to answer the questions.”  Lashawn Kinder, Miami, FL – Jul 20, 2014
  •   “Excellent review material to prepare me for the Final Exam.”  Calvin Lee M, Newport Beach, CA – Jul 20, 2014
  •   “This test and course materials allow me to know my strength and weakness in a business transaction...helpful”  Jennifer C Patton, Redondo Beach, CA – Jul 18, 2014
  •   “Thank you so much. you made it possible for me to take my tests on my own time, finally I passed. thank you again. you have no idea what this means to me.. Trina Escobar”  Trina Escobar, Stockton, CA – Jul 9, 2014
  •   “Excellent Courses”  Ryan Raffi Koubeserian, Coronado, CA – Jul 9, 2014
  •   “Yes, your materials are the best. It can be overwhelming meeting license deadlines while you are trying to run your business, but your customer service, course materials and professionalism made the process achievable. Thanks”  Anthony Joseph Villafranca, San Diego, CA – Jul 7, 2014
  •   “Great resources to passed the exams I really loved it.”  Samuel Rodriguez, National City, CA – May 20, 2014
  •   “This is very easy to use and to understand. Very straightforward.....thank you.”  Tony Hiep T Dzoan, Union City, CA – May 20, 2014
  •   “Questions are well written and understandable, very consistent in wording and easy to associate, it was non intimidating, and recongnizable, what a joy! ”  Ruth Santillan, Lancaster, CA – May 19, 2014
  •   “Great way to continue your real estate education. ”  James Barry, Ladera Ranch, CA – May 19, 2014
  •   “Thank you for this reasonable and convenient way to renew my license!”  Karen Mira Goetsch, Danville, CA – May 19, 2014
  •   “Great inormation and self study classes to passed the test.”  Samuel Rodriguez, National City, CA – May 18, 2014
  •   “Ecstatic to pass my last test! Read the entire book and do all the tests and you'll do well. ”  Alfredo A G, Chula Vista, CA – May 17, 2014
  •   “Relstone was the best way imaginable to complete my DRE review. ”  Brian Sterz, Los Angeles, CA – May 17, 2014
  •   “Proficiency and great self-study guide.”  Samuel Rodriguez, National City, CA – May 15, 2014
  •   “I feel very confident with the information and study reviews that you guys provided highly and very precise point to study the classes.”  Samuel Rodriguez, National City, CA – May 15, 2014
  •   “The material was comprehensive and easy to follow!”  Dionne H, Los Angeles, CA – May 14, 2014
  •   “Thank you for making this informative and convenient!”  Suzan Kracke, New Castle, CA – May 13, 2014
  •   “You guys are great, that's why I've been loyal to Relstone since 1998 that I began my Real Estate career and coming back for all my continuation education courses!”  Homayoun J, Granada Hills, CA – May 10, 2014
  •   “Realstone courses are great my wife and i both use their online services and we both are very satisfied with their classes as well as their customer service. ”  Albert J G, Stockton, CA – May 9, 2014
  •   “Everyone at Relston Overnight Continuing Education is great. Thank you for helping me.”  Juanita Patterson Wright, Culver City, CA – May 8, 2014
  •   “Love this system of learning and testing!!!!”  Jianie Bernard, San Marcos, CA – May 8, 2014
  •   “This is my first time on line and I find it very good and fun to do it on line.”  Cornelious Nathaniel Frater, Salinas, CA – May 7, 2014
  •   “Great way to complete the required courses online.”  Suzan Kracke, New Castle, CA – May 6, 2014
  •   “I've been using Relstone from 1998 while I was studying for my initial Sales person licensing, I've been continuingly happy ever since and have been using them for all my renewals.”  Homayoun Jandaghi, Granada Hills, CA – May 4, 2014
  •   “Much easier to navigate than other online classes.”  Dewayne Mortensen, Riverside, CA – May 2, 2014
  •   “Very clear format, easily understood including brief/concise directions.”  Steven D, Murrieta, CA – May 2, 2014
  •   “I thank God for Amena. She is very encouraging.I did it!”  Tammi Leticia F, Fairfield, CA – May 2, 2014
  •   “I found the course easy to read and understand”  Traci Darcell Thompson, Tempe, AZ – May 1, 2014
  •   “so fun to learn and understand!”  Torrey Hicks, Ventura, CA – May 1, 2014
  •   “Thank you for always being available to me over the phone.”  Meg Genevieve Yacawych, Huntingto Beach, CA – May 1, 2014
  •   “Good program”  Bill Vang, Sacramento, CA – May 1, 2014
  •   “I learned a lot of new things.The coourse was easy to follow.”  Adebayo Windokun, Palmdale, CA – Apr 30, 2014
  •   “It is a no brainer when one studies the paperwork provided. Relstone led me to a passing percentage. Happy.”  Robert M, Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Apr 30, 2014
  •   “All the answers are in the book. Just read and you'll do well! ”  Alfredo A G, Chula Vista, CA – Apr 29, 2014
  •   “it's really easy to understand, well explained...”  Roberto Esquivel, N Hollywood, CA – Apr 29, 2014
  •   “Comprehensive overview of the material covered in the books.”  Cody Garcia, Ventura, CA – Apr 29, 2014
  •   “Everyone I have spoken to at Relstone has been very helpful and patient. Based on my experience, they always answer the phone and my questions. ”  Sheri Minix, Descanso, CA – Apr 29, 2014
  •   “So fun and easy to understand!”  Torrey Hicks, Ventura, CA – Apr 29, 2014
  •   “It went smooth.”  Chad Scott Hughes, San Diego, CA – Apr 28, 2014
  •   “Quizzes are very helpful in reviewing one's knowledge of the studied materials.”  Inki K Welch, Escondido, CA – Apr 27, 2014
  •   “Great company and convenient way to take the required courses.”  Suzan Kracke, New Castle, CA – Apr 27, 2014
  •   “This is, I believe, the most convenient way to complete the required courses. The course material is well-written, and the exams can be taken at any time of day over the internet. ”  Suzan Kracke, New Castle, CA – Apr 27, 2014
  •   “Excellent courses and excellent school. Will continue to purchase courses from this school in the future!”  Marko W, West Hollywood, CA – Apr 26, 2014
  •   “I think it is to the point and the questions are clear.”  Erich S, Chatsworth, CA – Apr 25, 2014
  •   “The prep materials were great. Your customer service representative was wonderful. ”  Patricia G F, Sacramento, CA – Apr 23, 2014
  •   “Relstone course was easily written thus, easy to comprehend. Related quizzes and tests are pertinent to the material/subject presented.”  Inki K Welch, Escondido, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “This is by far the best company I have used in 24 years”  Maureen Stracener, Fairfield, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “So easy to understand and also a lot of fun!”  Torrey Hicks, Ventura, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “Great program!”  Cheryl J, Fresno, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “Great course! Covered a lot of question I had in regards to selling business opportunities in California.”  Donnie M G, Rocklin, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “The course is precise and to the point. It explains everything clearly and it is easy to follow and understand.”  Manohar L Ailawadhi, Yorba Linda, CA – Apr 22, 2014
  •   “Excellent was to renew your license quickly!”  Marko W, West Hollywood, CA – Apr 7, 2014
  •   “Excellent and quick option to renew your RE License.”  Marko W, West Hollywood, CA – Apr 7, 2014
  •   “Relstone books with tests on each chapter have really helped. The service provided by the employees on the phone line have been outstanding. Amina and Rose have really been fantastic. Thank you very much. CarilyneC”  Carilyne C, Alameda, CA – Apr 7, 2014

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