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  •   “Thank you!”  Keith Gary Shannon, Sonoma, CA – Jun 17, 2015
  •   “Easy to pass if you take notes and read the material.”  Thomas Philip Steyer, Concord, CA – Jun 16, 2015
  •   “Very informative with the quizzes.”  Connie Mendoza, Upland, CA – Jun 16, 2015
  •   “Yippee!”  Marilyn Kay P, Temecula, CA – Jun 16, 2015
  •   “I highly recommend this course to prospective Brokers”  Nanci J Sauder-ruest, Claremont, CA – Jun 12, 2015
  •   “Good information in the booklets provided.”  Donna Elizabeth Hinton, Long Beach, CA – Jun 12, 2015
  •   “I really like the Relstone course so far. It has been easy to follow and answer the questions.”  Julie Geyer, Redwood City, CA – Jun 11, 2015
  •   “This material is so great. It was easy to read and understand. ”  Ricardo C, Simi Valley, CA – Jun 10, 2015
  •   “Really and awesome way to refresh your skills, remind you of the important facts and help you renew your license. ”  Tricia Manara, Gilbert, AZ – Jun 10, 2015
  •   “Awesome!!!! ”  Roger Hari Prasad, Fremont, CA – Jun 10, 2015
  •   “You guys are awesome!”  Roger Hari Prasad, Fremont, CA – Jun 10, 2015
  •   “I was very pleased with all the material and the ease of taking the exam online. Thank you very much.”  Gary Harris Sharman, Idyllwild, CA – Jun 8, 2015
  •   “Did not know that I did not know that I needed to be re-educated in Real Estate....Thanx for getting me back on tack.....JOHN”  John W Lewis, Sacramento, CA – Jun 8, 2015
  •   “Excellent course. Materials are well organized and easily understood and explained.”  John James Geraci, Redondo Beach, CA – Jun 5, 2015
  •   “Follow the study plan and you can pass the test.”  Richie J. O, San Francisco, CA – Jun 5, 2015
  •   “Good course, would use again when needed ”  Diego Mauricio C, Lake Elsinore, CA – Jun 5, 2015
  •   “Throughout this process the Relstone CS folks have been very helpful. Thank you.”  Janette L Channing, Apple Valley, CA – Jun 5, 2015
  •   “Wow, information was great”  Connie Mendoza, Upland, CA – Jun 3, 2015
  •   “Great course would recommend for renewals ”  Diego Mauricio C, Lake Elsinore, CA – Jun 2, 2015
  •   “All Books and Quizzes give very good instructions to follow ”  Connie Mendoza, Upland, CA – Jun 2, 2015
  •   “Great course would use again when needed”  Diego Mauricio C, Lake Elsinore, CA – Jun 2, 2015
  •   “I have enjoyed and learned from this course Tom”  Thomas Anthony Delfino, Middletown, CA – Jun 1, 2015
  •   “Very easily navigating through the courses”  Rafael G, North Hollywood, CA – Jun 1, 2015
  •   “It's a great course and I will recommended. I review a lot of important information a lot. Thanks a lot.”  Jaime Balmore Parra, Los Angeles, CA – Jun 1, 2015
  •   “very helpful in getting set up and driving home the key pertinent facts”  Christopher J Jacobson, Manhattan Beach, CA – Jun 1, 2015
  •   “Very comprehensive. Really like the quick response to the quizzes test.”  Jeanette Lee Southworth, Springville, CA – May 29, 2015
  •   “Course preparation was good and understandable, text material and test questions easy to identify.”  Robert Earl Carpenter, San Juan Capistrano, CA – May 29, 2015
  •   “Great way to renew your license.”  Anne Havey, Temecula, CA – May 28, 2015
  •   “The study material is readable and easily understood.”  Rita Kimble Tyburski, Campbell, CA – May 28, 2015
  •   “The entire staff at Relstone have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate all of the help they have given me throughout my continued education. Thank You, Todd Eagan ”  Todd Erik Eagan, San Diego, CA – May 27, 2015
  •   “I found the course and text to be informative and well presented.”  Robert Earl Carpenter, San Juan Capistrano, CA – May 27, 2015
  •   “I'm very satisfied with all the learning material that Relstone provided. best real estate school ever. ”  Silviano Torres-cabrera, Duarte, CA – May 26, 2015
  •   “Relstone is a great way to renew your Real Estate license!”  Anne Havey, Temecula, CA – May 26, 2015
  •   “This is great...very easy and provides direct information as needed.”  Rebecca Marie Vasquez, San Jose, CA – May 24, 2015
  •   “Reading material thoroughly prepared me for the exam!”  Nancy Lee Weiss, Las Vegas, NV – May 23, 2015
  •   “Great real estate courses! Used his company for at least 12 years now. Thank you!”  Tova C Turk, Redondo Beach, CA – May 22, 2015
  •   “Great course, I will recommend to all my co-workers”  Jackie C, Redondo Beach, CA – May 22, 2015
  •   “I obtained a better understanding of Trust Fund Accounting.”  Jackie C, Redondo Beach, CA – May 21, 2015
  •   “I've refreshed my understanding 0f subjects that I personally haven't dealt with in awhile but I should make sure that I'm updated on any changes!”  Jackie C, Redondo Beach, CA – May 21, 2015
  •   “really helped me a lot very happy with the course.”  Kendel I, Temecula, CA – May 20, 2015
  •   “This course is very straightforward and extremely flexible. I will recommend this course to my peers!”  Jackie C, Redondo Beach, CA – May 19, 2015
  •   “The course is easily reviewed and well organized to the licensee to understand. ”  Daniel Chim, San Mateo, CA – May 16, 2015
  •   “Thank you so much this was a great way to fulfill my continuing education requirements!!”  Grace M, San Jose, CA – May 14, 2015
  •   “Great testing experience, convenient for adults with busy schedules with a very smooth platform and easy use. Thanks a ton. M. Sustaita”  Marco Antonio Sustaita, Pasadena, CA – May 13, 2015
  •   “Was very convenient to complete online and straight forward with no problems. ”  Art Ramirez Rivera, Irvine, CA – Mar 9, 2015
  •   “Perfect”  Noel Bigay, San Diego, CA – Mar 8, 2015
  •   “Effective”  Jennifer O Dawson, Chula Vista, CA – Mar 8, 2015
  •   “This was the easiest on-line renewal class that I have used. I will use it again....when and if I need to.”  Sheila J, Palm Springs, CA – Mar 7, 2015
  •   “Great material, easy to understand!”  Katherine B, Simi Valley, CA – Mar 7, 2015
  •   “This is a very easy and convenient way to renew your license. It's user friendly and informative. ”  Charlet Davis, Pleasanton, CA – Mar 7, 2015
  •   “I am very happy”  Sheila J, Palm Springs, CA – Mar 6, 2015
  •   “thank you again for all your help!!”  Maceo Bunn Jr, Fontana, CA – Mar 6, 2015
  •   “Great Value and information”  Robert Brewer, Loancaster, CA – Mar 6, 2015
  •   “thank you so much for making this easy to take. ”  Gricelda Lindgren Cisneros, Camarillo, CA – Mar 5, 2015
  •   “Very good, I learned a lot of things that now I can safely use in business transactions.”  Aldo Zanier, Long Beach, CA – Mar 5, 2015
  •   “Design of the study materials I found to be Simple and to the point. Experienced technical issues in the beginning when accessing materials on line but a staff member addressed it in few hours and took the time to call me so that was helpful and much appreciated.”  Jeanie Kim R, San Francisco, CA – Mar 4, 2015
  •   “Easy to read and note books and practice test helpful. Thank you!”  Debra Ann Demos, Santa Cruz, CA – Mar 4, 2015
  •   “Very comprehensive book...I might get back into business opp sales.”  Eric Arthur Michielssen, Santa Margarita, CA – Mar 3, 2015
  •   “Very easy to understand and user friendly.”  Martin Mercado, Van Nuys, CA – Mar 1, 2015
  •   “I loved how simple it was executed. The instructions were easy.”  Brigitte Ann Rissetto, Chula Vista, CA – Mar 1, 2015
  •   “Very nice...great questions...if you read the book you can answer the questions”  Eric Arthur Michielssen, Santa Margarita, CA – Feb 28, 2015
  •   “Love this program highly recommend for high pace agents to renew their license.”  Gricelda Lindgren Cisneros, Camarillo, CA – Feb 27, 2015
  •   “Love the flexibility of doing this from home. ”  Gricelda Lindgren Cisneros, Camarillo, CA – Feb 27, 2015
  •   “Great! Thanks!”  Marcus Hughes, Hayward, CA – Feb 26, 2015
  •   “Refreshed my memory”  Bena Marie Anderson, Oceanside, CA – Feb 26, 2015
  •   “Easy to understand material,effective chapter quizes, and great customer service. thank you”  Gwendoline Smith, Corona, CA – Feb 26, 2015
  •   “A+++++”  Eduardo Contreras, Chula Vista, CA – Feb 24, 2015
  •   “This was an excellent refresher course!!!”  Theory B, Glendora, CA – Feb 20, 2015
  •   “It is fast and simple and easy to execute”  Brigitte Ann Rissetto, Chula Vista, CA – Feb 20, 2015
  •   “Excellent course and it keeps you sharp about the real estate rules and regulations.”  Theory Bacon, Glendora, CA – Feb 17, 2015
  •   “Excellent School...A++++++”  Eduardo Contreras, Chula Vista, CA – Feb 17, 2015
  •   “I love the simplicity of the course. It is easy to follow. ”  Rosa Chang, Brentwood, CA – Sep 3, 2014
  •   “The material was very helpful I took the test once and score 86.7 It works.”  Adriane D T, Oakland, CA – Sep 2, 2014
  •   “The material is so easy to understand and covers all the information required for the test. No surprises!”  Valeria Thompson, San Diego, CA – Sep 2, 2014
  •   “Yes, I am very satisfied with your course! thank you so very much for representative's instructions this a.m. when I called her re taking this exam.”  Priscilla F Garrovillas, San Diego, CA – Sep 2, 2014
  •   “The courses offered are very adequate and the examinations procedures are systematic.”  Jose Tilde Cacdac, Walnut, CA – Sep 2, 2014
  •   “Great program. It's very easy to use.”  Debra Anne Kircher, Napa, CA – Sep 2, 2014
  •   “Highly recommend”  Devin Devasquez, Thousand Oaks, CA – Sep 1, 2014
  •   “Excellent courses!”  Virgilio V, Gilroy, CA – Sep 1, 2014
  •   “Great courseware!”  Virgilio V, Gilroy, CA – Aug 31, 2014
  •   “Good course, i recommend it to agents who want to further their knowledge and updates their skills.”  Claudine Turner, San Diego, CA – Aug 31, 2014
  •   “Highly recommend!”  Devin Devasquez, Thousand Oaks, CA – Aug 31, 2014
  •   “Efficient, professional, detail. ”  David M, Diamond Bar, CA – Aug 30, 2014
  •   “Superb courses!”  Virgilio V, Gilroy, CA – Aug 30, 2014
  •   “This is a very informative and user friendly system.”  Virgilio V, Gilroy, CA – Aug 30, 2014
  •   “Highly recommend”  Devin Devasquez, Thousand Oaks, CA – Aug 28, 2014
  •   “Relstone really has the best education and training program.”  Thomas Yeh, Antioch, CA – Aug 27, 2014
  •   “The course is great. What I like about the exam is that it follows the same order as the teaching materials. The quizzes are very focus on what the exam presents. ”  Efren H Hernandez, Los Angeles, CA – Aug 26, 2014
  •   “The price for this course was reasonable and the access was easy and simple.”  Luanda Faitele, Baldwin Park, CA – Aug 25, 2014
  •   “Comprehensive course. Very valuable”  Sherie R, San Diego, CA – Aug 23, 2014
  •   “Fast and easy!”  Elsa B, San Diego, CA – Aug 23, 2014
  •   “Relstone is excellent.”  Thomas Yeh, Antioch, CA – Aug 22, 2014
  •   “RELSTONE provides an excellent education programs.”  Thomas Yeh, Antioch, CA – Aug 21, 2014
  •   “The entire process of license renewal has easy. Thank you so much for your service. Renona”  Renona R Wesley, El Cerrito, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “Easy to read and simple website to maneuver”  Luis P, Bakersfield, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “The practice quizzes were exceptionally helpful for this part of the course - they were quite useful as additional learning tools. BRAVO!”  Ron A, Benicia, CA – Aug 19, 2014
  •   “Great study material - just have to read it.”  David Evans Bauman, Laguna Hills, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “Practice quizes were very helpful!”  Ron A, Benicia, CA – Aug 18, 2014
  •   “Very good . very polite staff and easy to order”  Evelia Perez, Porterville, CA – Aug 18, 2014

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